2013, Drama
25 minutes
DCP , Dolby surround, 1:2.35
Narayan production 2016

Directed by: Dejan Babosek
Screenplay: Dejan Babosek
Produced by: Dejan Babosek
Director of Photography: Simon Gosnik
Music: Anze Rozman
Edited by: Dejan Babosek
Costume Designer: Deja Škerjanc
Production Designer: Urška Mazej
Make up: Darja Krhin, Eva Uršič
Sound Designer: Uros Usenik, Miha Rudolf

Cast: Denys Bilash, Valentina Plaskan, Renato Jenček, Nataša Barbara Gračner, Marjan Radanovič, Andrei Lenart,Primož Vrhovec, Dino Hajderovič, Darja Krhin

Kristjan, a 17 year old high school student from a middle class background, begins to develop a hatred of foreigners after being involved in a fight with Bosnian immigrants. He looks for similar minded individuals and groups on the internet. During the immigration crisis he identifies with right-wing propaganda and Neo-Nazi organizations causing a dispute in his rather liberal family. He starts to spend his free time with other skinheads, hanging out in tattoo shops and going to concerts in Nazi night clubs. One night, while on one of their routine graffiti expeditions, they assault a foreigner and his wife. The foreigner falls into a coma. The incident has an enormous effect on Kristjan and his family and shatters the illusion of the neo-Nazi propaganda which had for so long corrupted Kristjan’s mind and changes his life forever.