81 min
DCP , Dolby Surround 1:2.35
Narayan Production & Snaut

Directed by: Dejan Babosek
Screenplay: Dejan Babosek
Produced by: Marko Cafnik, Tina Štefančič, Dejan Babosek, Simon Gosnik, Katarina Sušnik
Director of Photography: Simon Gosnik
Camera operator: Dominik Istenič
Music: Anze Palka
Edited by: Dejan Babosek
Costume Designer: Incognito design
Production Designer: Nina Ravnik, Katarina Sušnik
Make up: Incognito design
Sound Designer: Uros Usenik, Miha Rudolf
Assistant Director: Katarina Sušnik
Visual Effects: Lalaland

Cast: Jan Bučar, Primoz Vrhovec, Žak Drobnič, Igor Spasič, Ian Spasič, Vesna Kuzmič, Phillip Burt, Ajda Smrekar, Zoltan Jambrošić, Anze Palka, Dejan Babosek

David, an actor in his late twenties and his half-brother Roman, a construction worker in his early thirties are brought together again after many years to bury their father. David had already made peace with his father, and he is now in search of higher truth. In contrast, Roman once had dreams of becoming an musician, and blames his past for his current lot in life. Roman resents David, and blames David for not growing up with his father. To relive the memories from their childhood and catch up after many years of estrangement, they go on a road trip to see the places where their father used to take them. The journey begins with joy, youthful cheerfulness and contentment. But soon after, sibling rivalry, jealousy and old grudges come to the surface. Buried memories come to life once more, and the brothers find themselves trapped by their past. The brothers’ two-day stay in the wilderness causes their long-simmering feud to restart. A confrontation ensues, and the ugly truth about their father comes to light.